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HTTPSing Your Website
Getting HTTPS on your site is all the rage these days, for some good reasons. Google's search rankings take into account whether a site is HTTPS or not. Google Chrome is going to start telling people your site is "Not secure" under certain circumstances, starting in Oct 2017. (It already shows a less obtrusive "i" symbol.)
Starting A Software Career When 8 Months Pregnant

Two years ago I switched careers from animation to programming. I talked about my first week’s of bootcamp experience in my first post on this blog but never really put the whole story anywhere. It was a pretty non-traditional trajectory, which is all the rage these days, so I thought I might write it up and see if anyone gets anything out of it. Inspiration or entertainment or whatever.

JavaScript NLP Tree Parser
As part of the Crowd Parser project, I was working on a more sophisticated dependency tree parser to make an improved negation layer and make sure the positive/negative words used to score the tweet were actually referring to the keyword we were looking at.
Crowd Parser - Thesis Project
Crowd Parser was our final thesis project at Hack Reactor. Our team of 3 had 3 weeks to work on this project, so we decided to get a little ambitious. The key things we wanted to work on were: (1) Big data, (2) Natural language processing (NLP), (3) Large-scale data visualization...
Hack Feed - Legacy Project
The "legacy project" at Hack Reactor was part of our introduction to real-world coding situations, specifically a very common situation where you have to take over and add to an existing codebase. A previous team had built an app (in this case Hack Feed, a pretty cool app that gives you an enhanced UI to view Hacker News)...
ItemChimp - First Group Project
ItemChimp was a weeklong group project - our first group project at Hack Reactor. This app allows you to compare reviews for products on online stores - specifically Wal-Mart and Best Buy so far. Usage is simple - you search for a product by keyword, and the app will bring up keyword search results from both stores...
Processing Emojis In JavaScript
If you've ever tried to process emojis in JavaScript, you will understand that they are the devil. Most people dealing with emojis in text data just either pass them through untouched, or remove them as garbage that doesn't need to be evaluated. The second approach...
Power Sets: Not That Scary

The power set problem is one of those algorithms that turns out to be a bit trickier than they appear on the surface. Like the five stages of grief, there are 3 common stages for being assigned a power set problem.

JavaScript Common Methods Cheatsheet
I was talking to some of my classmates the other day about how we always get native JavaScript array methods mixed up. Even if you're fairly experienced, it's easy to get them confused with Underscore.js methods and array methods from other languages, if JavaScript isn't your only language. So I made this cheatsheet!
D3 Animated Cluster Graph

(The data in the demo above is randomly generated dummy data and changes every time you refresh.)

Poetry Pal: MVP Solo Project with Angular.js and MongoDB
Based on a suggestion from the Cracked forums, I made Poetry Pal (name courtesy Brandon Ellis). It gives you a template to write different forms of poetry (haiku and sonnet are currently available) and checks your syllable count and rhymes (meter checking is on the todo list).
Dumb Express.js Mistakes

My excuse here is going to be that I’m new to Express.js, but hopefully this will help someone else who is also new.

Space Invaders with Vanilla JavaScript

Screenshot 2015-04-20 21.46.30

Parallel Processing Test With n-Queens


Breadth-First Tree Traversal

As part of our data structures sprint, we implemented a bunch of data structures, most of which had a good amount of resources out there adequately explaining how they worked.

bind() : What is it good for?

We learned about bind() today, which is apparently pretty hard to wrap your head around, but I think I got it. Official documentation here:

Week 1, Day 3 : First Impressions

So it’s week 1 of the Hack Reactor course proper.  My class is the 5th Remote Beta class (all instruction conducted online), or HRR5.  I guess now’s the time to share some first impressions.